Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting Ready for My First Show!!

Ok, I've been reading all the posts about booth and table displays with great interest and I saw these in a catalog today and they seem like a good idea for some decorative accents on my table. I can't decide if I should use the white ones, the colored ones or a mixture. They are very inexpensive.

I also realized that I would be able to change the votive cup for the holidays. The same catalog had some cups shaped like jingle bells in red and white that would be cute. So, I'm taking a vote and I will post a poll on my blog. Everyone needs to vote for white, colored or combination. By the way, the colored ones change colors automatically. The description says they fade in and out of 7 different color combination of red, green and blue. I like the votive cup they show in the picture but I'm not sure if I can buy them also or not. WalMart will have some cheap. JoAnn's will also, and probably many in holiday themes and on sale! My first show isn't until November but I want to be prepared! Ok, don't forget to vote!


A Beaded Affair said...

I would get the white now for the early shows. You can always put them in red and green votives for the holidays.

KimberlyRies said...

Cute idea Michele! Will be nice for the holiday shows.


ChezChani said...

You are going to just use the tealights as decorations around the table, lit up? How pretty.
I'm doing a show this month and I will have tealights as well but I'm just giving them as a gift with purchase. Since I also make candles it seemed like a way to give a gift without it costing me much. Thinking of votives as well for bigger purchases but it's been too hot to make any candles in my garage so that may have to wait for another time. Fortunately I have tealights already done.

Angela Crispin said...

These are so cute ! Would you mind sharing what catalog ? I vote for the white, but it depends on the general feel you want to give to your stand.

Michele Cook said...

The magazine I saw the tea lights in was Lakeside Gifts.